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Kristin Lagasse

Weekend's loud, experimental, stormy sound is taking the city streets (and beyond) by storm. With an explosive blend of psychedelic punk, lo-fi, and dark, shoegazey melodies, this San Francisco band is nothing short of an experience to listen to. Check out their 10" All American / Youth Haunts at Mexican Summer, or have a listen at

Shaun Durkan (vocals, bass, baritone guitar)
Kevin Johnson (guitar)
Taylor Valentino (drums)

How would you describe your sound?
“In a one-word-tell-all I would say Shoegaze. However, to the keen listener there are many influences, from Rock ‘n’ Roll, to Psychedelic; to New Wave and Punk. Each of us has our own favorite idols, along with a common ground for what we want the music to sound like. When all that comes together it creates an onslaught of balls to the wall shredding.”

Who are your idols / influences?
“Joy Division comes up a lot when we reflect on influences; as does Killing Joke and My Bloody Valentine, to name a few (there are tons more, but to get a quick and easy synopsis, those three can kind of be a little Weekend cocktail). These were typically bands that could record an album so unlike anything else, yet the live shows brought something completely different. These bands had the versatility to create an alternating experience of the records and live shows—something we’re trying to accomplish.”

Where do you see the band in the next few years?
“Hopefully in the next few years we'll finally have our mansions, solid gold clothes, adamantium skeletons, curly pony tails, gator skin elf shoes, and a sponsorship by Jim Beam... just kidding. Except for the Jim Beam sponsorship. That would be awesome.”