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Read Text Only: Fashion: A Utopia Looming


A Utopia Looming

U·to·pi·a [yoo-toh-pee-uh]
an ideal place or state; a visionary system of perfection.

Fashion is now seeing green design as a means of effective social and environmental change; producing intelligent, fashion-forward designs that are sensitively composed with organically grown natural fabrics, recycled materials, and responsible production techniques. San Francisco photographer, Olga Vinokurova, and wardrobe stylist, Laura Anne Hollabaugh, have created their utopia, as they combine a classical balance of sustainable and fashion-forward inspirations in this spring’s eco-conscious interpretive.

Olga Vinokurova
Photographer's Assistant: Brad Brok

Wardrobe Stylist:
Laura Anne Hollabaugh

Make Up/Hair:
Mary Phu

Passport Model Management