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Green Feature: Eco Products We Love



Shrub Yo-Yo
Only a shrub-crafted yoyo allows you to do classic tricks with an organic twist. Go figure!

Recycled Owl Bag
Because you never know where the night may take you, don't leave the house without this recycled owl bag: made especially for your overnight essentials

Bonsai Forest
Tree hugging made easy! Grow your own authentic bonsai garden from home with this handy kit

Seeds in a Bottle Earrings
Conceptual earrings created for spontaneous seeding. You never know when an opportunity for planting might present itself
The Curiosity Shoppe

Molly M Design’s Sanitran Necklace
Don’t leave the house unless you’re sustainably accessorized with this beautifully handcrafted laser cut jewelry, made from bamboo and recycled suede

LP Bowl
Why eat popcorn from ceramics when it can be served in your favorite Iggy Pop album? Have your snacks in this bowl made from recycled vinyl records