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Bike to Work


San Francisco has been greening up its act quite a bit lately. There are many opportunities to promote a sustainable and greener you. The Green initiative nods at supporting local and organic farmers, eco-friendly choices and healthy, supportive environments. You’d probably get a double nod if you mentioned biking.
For some, the idea of hopping on a bike and riding down the streets of San Francisco is fantastic. For others, it may seem like a great way to get rattled in a pothole.
Many bicycling commuters on the street have a variety of stories to share. SFBC Director, Leah Shahum, has a positive spin on the cycling movement and shared some useful tips about riding in traffic: “Biking is a lot easier than you think. Ride predictably, confidently, and take your space like any vehicle does.”
On Thursday, May 13th , you will have a chance to take that ride with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition as it celebrates Bike to Work Day. “Cross-town Bicycling has become a huge, huge pastime for all ages—just look around! Everybody’s doing it. Check out the fun on Bike to Work Day. There will be a Commuter Convoy, 27 city-wide Energizer Stations, offering free coffee, snacks, and tote bags; a raffle, and the classic Bike Away From Work Party and Fashion Show!” shares the SFBC’s Andy Thornley.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition annually offers Bike to Work Day as an informative and socially dynamic city wide cycling embrace. SFBC staffer, Marc Caswell, is excited about the upcoming event. He sees it as a way for other riders to get to know each other. “Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to stop at the Energizer Stations and have some free coffee, granolas and giveaways.” The stations can be located throughout the city, and are listed at

The Bike To Work Day party throwers are the 11,000 members of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, which may be the largest bicycle organization in the country, earning major stripes in the advocacy for greener space. The SFBC has shown a steadfast commitment and initiative to move the Bike Plan forward after the City’s 3-plus year injunction halted all bike related improvements to the city streets. Recently, the SF Bicycle Coalition’s Great Streets Project worked closely with San Francisco’s Pavement to Parks, and was able to open one of the city’s first parklets on March 18th in front of Cafe Mojo on Divisadero.

The more open the environment is to livability, the more cyclists are seen about town. On a Saturday in the Mission District, Juan Pablo Obando commutes to San Rafael where he is enrolled in the Green MBA Program at Dominican University. He embraces bicycling as a way to better his figure and support green living. George moved to the city from Oregon a few months ago, and does 100% of his commuting in the city by bicycle. He used to drive a car but prefers the freedom of bicycling. “My favorite place to ride is the Presidio. I can get there in no time, and it’s a great natural environment.”

Charlie Garrold started riding BMX as a kid. He stopped riding after he began driving, but when he later moved to San Francisco, he gave up his car and progressively became more serious about riding a bike. He then took up track cycling, and eventually joined a race team.

Shelly rides whenever she can, and was an avid cyclist as a child. She has since rekindled her affection for riding and has spent the past 15 years exploring different trails, roads and views.

Sarah Torgrimson commutes to multiple jobs by bike every day. She messengers for Cupid Courier Collective, and is the owner of Pushbike. (Notably on track with City Green ideology, the Cycle Lifestyle Pushbike shares its spot with Mission Skateboards and sells many local artisians’ fashion and accessories.)

Downtown by the Embarcadero, Joe Moody takes his Funday out with the BMXers. “Come outside and enjoy your bicycle.” As a cancer survivor and cycling enthusiast, he emanates the fun on the street.

”Bike to Work to save the planet and save the green. You can save a lot of money if you ride to work,” says Thornley.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
celebrates Bike to Work Day on
Thursday, May 13th.