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Style - Sui Generis Consignment
By Jeremy Joven


Guys are supposed to hate shopping. Perhaps it’s a machismo thing, or something completely genetic. Whatever the reason may be, we’ve got a solution for men with good taste that don’t want to spend a lot of time or money to find digs that represent their individual style: Look to vintage consignment clothing stores.
Owners Gabriel and Miguel of Sui Generis are men of impeccable taste and the two have been selecting the best vintage attires for the fashionable men of San Francisco since 2006. Each item on consignment at Sui Generis reflects their good taste and keen sense of style. And if you’re a guy that doesn’t bother with trunk shows or runway trends, this comes in handy. Sui Generis sells a variety of authentic designer labels and classic looks hand picked especially to help you look sharp. Be assured that whatever you get at Sui Generis will not be on the worst dressed list.

Of course you can’t just pair vinyl pants with a corduroy vest with beading; that’s where you’ll have to raise your fashion IQ. To do that, we asked the experts at Sui Generis to give advice to those of us who are fashionably challenged with some quick tips on how to look good.

When it comes to fashion, edgy classics are always in vogue says Miguel, of Sui Generis. “Mix something vintage with a designer piece and give it your own twist, but remember to keep it simple and avoid looking like you are trying too hard.” Knowing when to accessorize and keep it simple definitely goes a long way.
“Comfort is a key to look good but always combined with the right size and fit of the garments. Watch for the proportions and use confidence as your best accessory!”

At Sui Generis, you’ll find a nice collection of barely-worn authentic designer labels for a fraction of the price! It is certainly not your ordinary re-sale clothing store; no more digging through piles of crap to grab a great find. So if you’re looking for trendy styles or vintage looks that will surely add some zing to your wardrobe, shop Sui Generis.

Sui Generis Consignment
2265 Market St., San Francisco