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Kristin Lagasse

In the age of over-produced, over-synthesized music, it is nice to know there are artists left that produce feel-good music that can make a tense walk through the Tenderloin at night a calm experience.
Kristin Lagasse is no ordinary singer/songwriter, she writes songs from her heart. Her angelic voice combined with the sweet sound of her custom-made ukulele will touch your soul like a bittersweet love letter. Her new song ‚”Even So” on her upcoming new Album entitled, Gypsy Girl, speaks of love in an uncertain world through melodic and soothing tones. “Even So” makes you believe that true love is indeed unconditional.
Kristin fell in love with music at an early age. She started playing the violin at age 8 and started writing songs at age 13. Her father taught her how to play the acoustic guitar and she’s devoted her life to music ever since. After studying music for a year, she decided to pursue life as a traveling musician. Kristin took her guitar and her love songs on the road and practically lived in her car for years traveling from gig to gig until she decided to settle down in the Bay Area. Here she’s continued to write songs about life, love, and everything in between.
Her voice is delicate and tantalizing like Norah Jones's; her lyrics are provoking and memorable like Jason Mraz and The Beatles [her idols], qualities that make our featured musician an artist to watch for in the future. We are sure it will not be long until you hear her sweet melodies on the radio.
Watch Kristin Lagasse in a music video of “Even So”, an exclusive Asterisk SF Magazine feature.

Upcoming Performances
Mar 2nd Peri’s Silver Dollar 9:30pm
29 Broadway Fairfax

Mar 11th Cafe Royale 8pm
800 Post St SF

May 1st 2010 7pm- 12am
Berkeley Yacht Club1
Seawall Dr Berkeley CA