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EOS Restaurant and Wine Salon


In an unassuming building on Cole and Carl, Owner Scott Holley and his team at EOS Restaurant and Wine Salon have perfected the balance between sustainable food and boutique wine. It was one of the first restaurants in the country to attempt Asian fusion and actually do it well. EOS was the ‘media darling’ of the creative food industry when critic Michael Bauer raved that their “exciting food has turned what was meant to be a neighborhood gathering place into a Bay Area destination.”

The initial excitement has subsided after fifteen years, but EOS remains a staple for patrons who appreciate great food rather than trends. I’d like to think of EOS as a cherished friendship- one that is effortless and updates impeccably with the times. The relationship is cultivated a little more; you find more to appreciate every time you enter the restaurant. EOS’s success can be accredited to their consistency and attention to detail: the fresh orchid and driftwood arrangements, the silver hose clamps engraved with the restaurants namesake, and of course, the food.

For a restaurant that fills with patrons the moment they open their doors at 5:30, it is clear how popular EOS is in the neighborhood. I was told their Shiitake Mushroom Dumplings are like crack, and after an insomnia-induced pacing session at 3am, I needed another fix. They are a warm, soft, sweet, and savory comfort food that melts in your mouth with a rich velvety sauce.

Executive Chef Danny Guerrini could make a fortune selling these babies from a food cart on the streets, but then I’d of been out of a fine meal, and EOS wouldn’t get to showcase all of its other stellar creations. For starters, the fresh focaccia and sourdough breads, baked fresh daily by Chef Guerrini, fill the restaurant with their delicate salt and yeast smells. Then there are the Ahi Tuna and Salmon poke rolls, with fish is so tender they went down with pleasure for even the most fish-phobic of our group.

The Dayboat Sea Scallops combine all the textures and flavors our palettes delight in discerning: a salty crunch, tangy smoothness, and a hint of sweetness in the creamy broth. As with everything else on the menu, they are perfectly balanced works of food art. No teeth required.

The magic of the menu is in the integrity of its ingredients and the biodynamic processes which produce them. All of the local meats are sustainable, the vegetables are seasonal, and the bacon is slowly house-cured. They even pickle their own pickles! It’s no wonder Guerrini and founding chef Arnold Eric Wong are among the best cooking talent in the country; showcased in their invitation to cook for the prestigious James Beard Foundation Dinner in 2005. “Guerrini’s relaxed yet effective philosophy behind creating award winning recipes is that simplicity is best. He believes that if you let the fresh ingredients speak for themselves, then they will shine.”

Feeling intoxicated, and not from the wine, I sat at my table and reflected on how much I enjoy meals like these. In San Francisco, there are as many opportunities to enjoy restaurants as there are to make new friends. Yet we all know the most valuable ones are those that we have nurtured over many years. So as I enjoyed my last few sips of the Solter Brut Riesling, I was in pure gratitude of this visit to EOS and the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend.

Just like the menu, the wine list is full-bodied and well-balanced. Featuring over 100 red and white wines, 30 by the glass, taste, and flight, representing both the old and new worlds, EOS has received international recognition for its 30-seat wine salon. With Wine Director Hector Osuna’s passion for the art and his enthusiastic guidance, we were presented several wines per dish that were the most approachable.

Osuna’s ‘belle of the ball’ for the evening, Bel Echo, was a well-balanced 2008 Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand, produced by French makers, Clos Henri. His world experience with each bottle of wine is captivating, as if he’s seen its production from vine to vintner. Paired with thoughtful presentation, these types of sensual treasures are what Osuna lives to discover, and why he proudly serves them in Riedel stemware.

EOS Restaurant & Wine Salon
901 Cole St (Carl Street)
San Francisco, CA

Restaurant Hours:
Sun - Thur 5:30 p.m. - 10:00p.m.
Fri - Sat 5:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m