Everyone's a Photographer | Artography Unleashed with OGGL

Since film went out of style and DSLRs became the king of photography, the art of picture taking has gone lower and lower from its former prestigious form to today's lows - the camera phones. Now everyone's a photographer. A great one is still far and few inbetween in the app world... but the good ones are already taking camera phone art-tography to the next level.

With Instagram's quick filters and auto-vignettes, to Path's wonderful auto-video filters (also photo filters) and now Facebook and Twitter photo filters mimicking photography from the 40s-80s we all have many choices to shoot selfies galore but only one stands out as a prime keeper of the old standards of photography, the first camera app in iOS - Hipstamatic. Despite the name, it's not as automatic as one would think. You have to choose your film wisely, your lens, and cannot reparse an existing photo for effects. It is what it is, once you shot it. This novelty, believe it or not forces aspiring amateur photographers to pay attention to their compositions more than one would from Instagram. The best part is that you can't re-process a dSLR or film shot and just upload it to the server for the "like" hungry followers to clamor on to. The only thing missing in Hipstamatic was the social aspect we all have learned to love as part of our culture today...

Then Hipstamatic came out with Oggl and bam, it's over folks! What you didn't think you wanted or needed just replaced what you previously loved. Bye Instagram. You got too big for your britches and you're now full of glitches. Oggl on the other hand has a sleek design unlike most standard tab-based apps with its creative layout, animated segues, and soothing color scheme. It doesn't pretend to be an old camera from the past - it's current, it's smooth. and certainly functional while keeping what we love about photography - the artistry.

Best of all, it has all the lenses and the film options you need and still does not allow you to just use the camera app to filter an old photo... After all it's not photoshop! (Even if one of its new features is that you can change the film and lens you use from a shot taken within the app after the fact... It's still very organic) Plus, you get to "curate" otherwise known as repost photos from people you follow to show them extra love. This allows your art to reach further than you could imagine and you don't have to be bothered by silly comment threads from people you don't even know. Think about it, if they really wanted to reach you they will figure it out.

Lets hope celebrities don't jump on the bandwagon and take idiotic shots of themselves from magazines and post it on there for zombie followers craving the "like" count.

Lets keep taking beautifully inspiring photos for generations.
The kind we wouldn't want to just delete when our iPhones run out of space.

Oggl is now live but requires an invite.
Visit Oggl.com
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