California Academy of Science Shakes Things Up

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Shake House

Something is shaking at the California Academy of Sciences, starting this weekend with their new exhibit EARTHQUAKE. It's not some boring educational tour to teach you all about earthquakes, it will shake you up and entertain you too! If only real earthquakes were this entertaining!

Learn about the earth's core and mantle and the ever shifting plates causing earthquakes in one of the many installations and watch a beautifully executed educational and entertaining video about quakes all around the world in the Planetarium and finally, experience an earthquake first hand at the Shake House!

Experience first hand the intensity of the 1989 earthquake with a 15 second recreation and the stronger, longer quake of 1906. After you've had your fill of the thrill of a simulated earthquake, learn how to prepare yourself for the next big one with tips on how to secure your house and yourself from a likely catastrophe. Don't forget to visit the baby Ostriches! These adorable creatures have an interesting connection to the tremors around the world... What is it? You'll have to visit Cal Academy of Sciences and learn for yourself.

Photos Courtesy of California Academy of Sciences

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