Asterisk Green Shorts Online Film Festival


A couple of years ago, we tried to do a shorts film fest online to honor Mother Earth, it was a great idea but unfortunately, it fell short from the vision to execution... This year, we've decided, let's really make this happen! We'll throw some prize money in the mix, a showing for selected finalists at our new HQ and make a party out of it while challenging young film makers to really make something that would inspire people to be more "Green". So dust off your super 8 cameras or borrow a friend's DSLR, better yet - use your iPhone to make a short with some of your favorite characters.

Here are the deets.

We are searching for creative shorts tackling the subject of sustainability and what it is like to be green today.

Entry Rules
Films must be at least 6 minutes long not exceeding 20 minutes
All shooting formats accepted: film, video, animation and documentaries
Entry must not use copyrighted material that is not authorized
Entry must not be a previous short shown at any film festival

Festival participants must be current Bay Area residents. Finalists will be featured in the next issue + participate in a screening at Asterisk San Francisco + Gallery Space with a rockin' reception. In the meantime, we'll raise some funds for you to win for your efforts and plug it back here. A panel of judges will select the finalists and the viewers will select the winner!

Call 415.839.9707 for details or e-mail for upload details, submission rules and forms.

Deadline for submission is April 15.



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