Think you're kinky? You're no Banana Slug!
Animal Attraction, a new exhibit at California Academy of Sciences



Educational porn is ubiquitous at the new exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences: Animal Attraction. Not the kind of porn you're probably thinking but you'd be surprised just how wild animal sex can be!

What could be wilder than two lions getting it on? Well, take a Devil's Flower Mantis for example. Females eat their mate after sex! There’s also a harem of fish with one alpha male and if he dies, a female fish in the group goes through a sex change to take his place! Let’s not forget about the Banana Slugs. These beautiful creatures of the squishy variety are simultaneous hermaphrodites, meaning that each individual is male and female at the same time! You'd think they won't need to find a mate but… these horny slugs need a mate to perform the yin-and-yang position to consummate their relationship! Sometimes, they mate so hard the penis of one gets wound up so tightly the other one has to bite it off! Ouch! Ever had a man who won’t leave after a night of passion? Maybe you slept with a Triplewart Seadevil Anglerfish! The male literally latches on and won’t let go once they do the deed. After he bites the female, the two fuses permanently until the male gradually atrophies and turns into nothing more than a pair of gonads. Yuck! Perhaps this exhibit will help you spot the type miles away.

The exhibit though very suggestive by nature (pun intended) is actually a fascinating look at the wonders of reproduction and mating that you'll chuckle at the idea of their mating rituals for about five minutes and just stare in awe the rest of the time at these beautiful creatures being exhibited at the Steinhart Aquarium. The 18-tank aquarium gallery is devoted to the science of courtship and reproduction, each with iPAD displays with video and photo/text info describing the oddest rituals selected by biologists who know the animals best. Beyond the aquarium exhibit, visitors will have an opportunity to explore other fascinating stories from the world of plant and animal reproduction through special programs offered throughout the Academy. The entire Academy is beaming with the theme of love this month from the penguins to the sea horses - and don't worry, we just wrote about the sexual parts of the exhibits - it is incredibly kid friendly! It may be a good gateway to start the birds and the bee’s conversation with your kids.

Animal Attraction opens to the public on Saturday, February 11, 2012, with a sneak peek during NightLife on Thursday, February 9.

Visit CAS Website for more details.

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