PEOPLE ISSUE - Nominations

This Holiday season, we've decided to honor amazing locals that make living in San Francisco that much more amazing. I've always believed that the very reason SF is so great - is because of the people who choose to call it home. We need your help to select locals who inspire, amaze, change and move you.

It's not a popularity contest - it doesn't require "hotness" and certainly doesn't rely on how much money they make - instead it is about the deeds they do, the lives they change, the people they inspire... all adding to our beautiful city's engaged community life.

Nominees Received:
Hugh Leeman
Julie Michelle
Mark Dwight
Juanita More
Thuy Marie Nguyen
Kelly Malone
Stephany Joy Ashley
Michael Krouse
Tom Temprano
Bart Skorupa
Rani Singh
Josette Melchor
Joshua J
Richie Nakano
Caleb Zigas
Maurice Kanbar

The more votes the people get the merrier! Add new nominees or vote for people on the list.
Voting ends November 21, 2011


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