Wordplay Duo Costumes - HALLOWEEN APPROACHES

It's that time of the year again... and no we don't mean Christmas. Halloween, silly. Everyone in the city is getting creative coming up with showstoppers, sexy costumes and crazy-out-there-wild get ups to get noticed in a sea of disguised halloween gallavanters.

We're sure we will see several Sue Sylvesters and Michelle Bachmann's this year along with a group of angry birds - so why not get a little more creative and do two costumes at once?

Kim Jong Il Kardashian Imagine a guy dressed as Kim Jong il with a Kim Kardashian booty and bust... If anyone found you sexy, you should definitely go home with that.

Transformerica Pyramid - This is fairly easy, all it takes are some scrap cardboard. Make the TransAmerica Pyramid with robot leggs and arms and cause havoc all around town.

Ke$hup - Since most of you look like Ke$ha already with your torn jeans, messed up hair and whiskey breath, just get one of those ketchup bottle costumes from Party City and say you're dressed as Ke$hup. Who knows, you might meet your dream man Mustard Green Lantern.

Ronald McDonald Trump - Clown Face and red wig? Doesn't take a lot to do - this one's for the lazy. Best if you make your wig with a comb over... Wear a suit and yell at people they're fired all night. Good times will be ahead.

Shakira Banana - You need to have the body for this... Slather your sexy self with some mud like her famous video "Whatever-Whenever" and wear a hat with Bananas. Shake your hips and give away some pottassium. 

Here are some other wordplay ideas that require more imagination than we can prodivde on a sober moment. 

Liz Lemony Snickets
Nicki Minagerie
Oliver Twister
Tom Cruise Control
Goeffrey Rush Limbaugh
Halle Barry White 
Bear(y) Manilou
CaraMel Brooks
Floozy Lou
Pope John Paul McCartney
Flash Gordita
Dr Pepper Jack



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